Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

About the author

I’m Gen X, heterosexual, allegedly metrosexual (though in denial), childfree by choice and perhaps also a quirkyalone. I live in an apartment building in Fitzroy, don’t own a car (though I do drive) and travel a lot by bicycle and tram.

I live, work and socialise in the city and inner northern suburbs. I have been to some of the outer suburbs, mainly on second hand shopping expeditions, but most are a complete unknown to me.

I have a PhD in Literature and used to work in tertiary education management and in print publishing as a writer, editor and publishing manager. I’ve completed the transition from the print to the online world, and now work in the areas of electronic publishing, online communications and marketing, and social media.

Fitzroyalty is a hobby and a testing space for new social media ideas. The opinions expressed here are my own. I created this blog in May 2006. I initially published once or twice a week. At the start of 2008 I began publishing daily. In October 2008 I began publishing twice daily. I maintained this until 2011 when I began to reduce the quantity of posts as I no longer have the time to be so prolific.

In maintaining Fitzroyalty I’m motivated by the utility of social media, particularly in encouraging local residents to communicate through blogs and forums, and the potential of hyperlocal information aggregation.

In my view, the previously distinct areas of publishing, marketing and promotions, public relations and communications are converging online. New media and social media are names given to the strategies, techniques and ideas driving online communications and the changing relationships between content creators and content consumers.

I’m also interested in the changing relationship between businesses and other service providers and customers and the improvements in customer service that could (and should) result from this. I consider myself a guerrilla consumer and hate having my time and money wasted by stupid people working in lazy unresponsive organisations.

About half the focus of this blog is the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, which has a diverse and vibrant culture, and is a popular eating, music, shopping and entertainment area, as well as being the most densely populated area in Melbourne. If there is anywhere in Melbourne or even Australia that could produce the critical mass of culture and communication from which to generate content, Fitzroy may be it.

The other content focuses on several areas of personal interest: sexuality and gender, social issues like education, employment, food, art, cinema, music and travel.