Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

Fitzroy history – a truly impressive moustache

This photo shows Fitzroy entrepreneur Macpherson Robertson being welcomed home to his factory by some of his staff after returning from a trip to Europe in 1935. The startled look on the face of the man on the left hand side makes me think he is saying ‘what, they don’t have Freddo frogs in France?’

I admire millionaire polyamourists like Robertson for their lifestyle, especially if they are self-made, if not their business ethics or taste in partners (Richard Pratt).…

Leonard St, fashion, plagiarism, defamation and free speech

On Twitter recently an allegation was made that Melbourne fashion business Leonard St sold tshirts that featured artwork plagiarised from a Melbourne artist (web and Livejournal). The allegation was made by the artist and a friend at a creative agency who, in a blog post, replicated and discussed the content the artist had posted about the situation in her Livejournal account.…