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a weekend in Bendigo

I spent the previous weekend in Bendigo, mainly to attend the exhibition ‘Genius and Ambition: The Royal Academy of Arts, London 1768-1918‘ at the Bendigo Art Gallery. I loved the exhibition and the meals I had at The Dispensary Enoteca and Masons of Bendigo.

Doing research online to find the best places to eat at and stay at in a town you’re not very familiar with can be time consuming but it’s simple enough. You begin to see how subtle hints in online communications reflect the values of business proprietors and how these are manifested in the real world. You learn how to read this so that after some you are rarely completely wrong about a place.

You are never, however, comprehensively informed about a place because half the businesses located there are not online and are thus invisible to you. Once you arrive you realise there are twice as many restaurants as you previously thought. Also, some of the information that is available to you is difficult to digest.

At The Dispensary Enoteca, most of their website is made from PDF files. A pain to read on your phone. Fail. Similarly, at Masons, their menu is a 2.9mb image file hosted on their Dropbox account. Fail. At the cafe / restaurant / wine bar / shop Wine Bank on View, their website says they’re open on Sundays, and we planned to have lunch there after peeking in for a moment on Saturday, but when we arrived on Sunday they were closed. Fail.

Rosalind Park is a lovely place to walk through, and there was a brass band playing in the rotunda on Saturday afternoon (presumably the drunk sleeping in there earlier had been asked to move on).

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