Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

Simon Johnson has closed

Thanks to a regular commenter who noted that Simon Johnson on the corner of St David and Kent streets had recently closed. It’s not surprising in a way. It never seemed busy. I was a poor customer as I only bought unhomogenised milk made by next door’s St David Dairy.…


This is on St David St near the corner of Gore St on the wall of the former church. I can only describe it as one of the greatest works of street art I have ever seen.


A series of child-like (or childish) pasteups on the former church building on the corner of St David and Gores streets.

tell me where to go – lunch at the Rainbow hotel

The winner of the May 2011 ‘tell me where to go’ poll was the relatively newly renovated Rainbow hotel on Young St, and it won by 1 vote in the closest poll of the series to date. The Rainbow received 32 (out of 141) votes, with the Spanish Club on Johnston St just behind on 31 votes and the Korean restaurant Goshen on Smith St on 30 votes.…

not in my name

If you want to complain please do so in the online world, not the physical one. Corner of Young St and St David St.