Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

free bread

This was spotted yesterday on Smith St on the top of one of those electrical boxes on the footpath opposite the big new building under construction. There are possibly better ways to give away food.

don’t call this number

While I like quirky art projects, I don’t like them when they have the potential to be unethical and breach people’s privacy. Take this notice on a lamppost on Johnston St at the corner of Napier St. There’s nothing about the people behind the project or what they plan to do with whatever you contribute.…

in the bag

This could be a dead drop from a secret agent, but it seems somewhat conspicuous for that. I’ve obviously been watching too much Spooks. Anyway, file this under WTF on Webb St.

an independent Scotland

On Saturday morning Grant McCracken was at his usual Rose St Markets promotion place on the corner of Brunswick St with this sign. Later in the day he had disappeared and his sign was abandoned on Rose St.

do you need some yabbies?

I don’t make this shit up. Honestly. This was taped to a power pole on Brunswick St outside Atherton Gardens. I’ve edited out Patrick’s last name and mobile phone number. And what’s yabbies code for in the drug trade these days?…