Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

Exxopolis at the Summersalt festival

You have only until Sunday to enjoy walking though the inside of a colour saturated inflatable structure called Exxopolis, which is part of the inaugural Summersalt festival and is located in the ACCA forcourt in South Melbourne. It’s like being inside a bouncy castle but without the bouncing and with visual rather than kinetic overload.…

all quiet on the northern front

The City of Yarra’s ban on alcohol in Edinburgh Gardens resulted in it being a ghost town over new years eve. Without the fuel to encourage them to defecate in children’s playgrounds and to destroy infrastructure, suburban losers went elsewhere.

The basic controversy is how the City of Yarra spent more money this year on preventing the gardens being trashed than they did last year cleaning up after they were trashed.…