Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

Information for media and marketers

Fitzroyalty has been published by Brian Ward since 2006 as an experiment in social media and as a non-commercial community service. On average, Fitzroyalty receives about 10,000 unique visitors (by IP number) per month.

Fitzroyalty is much more than a food blog. It is primarily about Fitzroy and surrounding suburbs and the culture of the inner north of Melbourne. Fitzroyalty is a hyperlocal site that consciously and critically examines the social media phenomenon of which it is an example.

Fitzroyalty cannot be bought and does not seek to replicate or replace the mediocre corporate commercial media it despises. Fitzroyalty does NOT accept advertising and does NOT publish press releases. It does NOT accept offers of free food, goods or hospitality. When a business, product or service is reviewed it has been purchased by the author as an anonymous consumer.

Marketers and advertisers should NOT contact me and should NOT add my email address to their databases. Repeated unwanted and rejected marketing advances will be treated as an invasion of privacy and harassment and will be dealt with accordingly.

When I am known before I attend an event, I usually attend as an individual and plan NOT to review it as my independence has already been compromised. While I regularly receive a free drink or similar at the events I do attend, like art gallery openings, I ask for nothing and take no more than what is offered to any other guest or attendee.

Fitzroyalty does publish information about Fitzroy community events, such as school fetes, markets, live performances or art exhibitions. I promote many local arts and community (not for profit) events with no expectation of compensation, and cannot attend all the events I promote.

Organisers of such events are invited to email brian [at] with details and promotional image files (at least 600 pixels wide).