Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

KikiRiki on Smith St is getting a complete makeover

Remember when Brother Burger took over from Retro cafe on Brunswick St three years ago? They began by putting a separate business, La Dulcita latin cafe, on the Brunswick St frontage with the much larger Brother Burger having the far less visible Westgarth St frontage.

La Dulcita closed after a couple of months as Brother Burger realised that hiding itself in plain sight on a busy high street was a nonsensical thing to do. It’s a lesson that KikiRiki Latin Street Food on Smith St should have paid attention to.


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lunch at True North in Coburg

I’ve been eating reuben sandwiches around the inner north in recent months. I’m not addicted, and can stop at any time. The North Fitzroy Social one was good but probably the least great of those I’ve sampled so far. For some skippies of a particular age, a slab of corned beef can have unfortunate childhood memories. Let us move on.

The Eastern Bloc one with potato is better, but I admit to preferring the variants in Melbourne that use pastrami instead of corned beef, such as the Lady Melville one. Possibly the best so far is that at True North, a cafe on Munro St just west of Sydney Rd in Coburg, that has been open for more than a year.


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lunch at Smith and Deli on Moor St

As an omnivore I suppose I have it easy in terms of food choices. If I make a vegetable curry it’s because that’s what I feel like eating, not because it’s vegetarian. If I make it with vegetable oil instead of ghee it’s probably vegan, but by concidence rather than design.

My perspective presumably makes me a bad judge of vegan food. I enjoyed the curry I had at Radhey, and my meal at Smith and Daughters, both on Brunswick St. Smith and Daughters is good, though there are perhaps too many deep fried dishes on the menu, and I’ve not felt the desire to return.


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