Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

new mural on Argyle and Young streets

This new mural in production is on an apartment building on the corner of Argyle and Young streets. It’s been constantly attacked by graffiti for years and has looked like an unloved mess for some time. The City of Yarra is spending $15,000 of ratepayers’ money funding the painting of a mural to cover the facade of the building and thus to hopefully deter future graffiti.

This is a controversial decision. In the past council has funded similar large murals, but they have been on conspicuous corners of main streets highly visible to significant numbers of passing viewers, such as the yobbo with meat pie the council paid for last year on the corner of Brunswick and Leicester streets. They have the benefit of being seen to be for the public good.


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lunch at Picanteria at Harley House

I first tried Peruvian food at Panca in New York City and I enjoyed it very much. It has become one of the new food trends in Melbourne, following on from the Mexican trend. By chance I noticed the menu for a new place called Picanteria on a laneway wall off Exhibition St just south of the corner of Collins St in the Melbourne CBD recently and was intrigued, so I returned a couple of days later for lunch.

Previously the home of the short-lived Mexican-Chinese fusion La Chinesca, Picanteria is in the basement of Harley House and is accessed from Strachan Lane off Exhibition St. It’s new and quietish for lunch, but I imagine it packed at night for food and drink, at least once it becomes known. There’s little information available about it. See Instagram for some pictures and Twitter, which suggests that Picanteria only started trading last month.


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