Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

more Korean food on Smith St

In the space of the former Kizzmet (I never understood what that was) is now White Kimchi, a Korean chicken place, which has opened or is about to open (I can’t find any social media profiles yet). This is excellent news for carnivores and deep-friedivores.

smith st opening soon fitzroy

coffee and cake at Il Melograno in Northcote

Northcote is buzzing at the moment. Apart from the closure of the lovely United Arab Eatery (which is relocating further north on High St in Preston), the northern strip is full of places that are new to me. The very southern Westgarth section of High St is also interesting,with Il Melograno opening recently. They do icecream, cake, coffee and simple savoury dishes. The coffee is very impressive and the cake is divine. Behold the chocolate and pear cake. I’ll try the icecream when it gets warmer.

northcote food coffee