Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

fire on Westgarth St last night

Twitter is remarkable for news reporting. I heard the sirens and watched emergency vehicles flashing north on Brunswick St from my balcony. Initially I could not tell if they were headed somewhere near or simply passing through to somewhere further away. Twitter gave me the news.

First, just before 9pm, an obtuse emergency warning to stay indoors and avoid the smoke from the fire, but without saying why. I guessed chemicals from a factory or warehouse. It’s surprising how much real work is still done in the back streets of Fitzroy. Commercial premises have chemicals that can be dangerous. I heeded the warning. Then the photos started to appear. Lots of them. Here is a summary. And we soon became aware that the risk was asbestos. Scary. I hope no one was exposed.

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Annabel Crabb’s misleading misinterpretation of men and fatherhood in the wage gap debate

I wrote a long analysis recently of misleading reporting on the gender wage gap and referred to a lot of research evidence to support my case that most of the alleged wage gap is the result of voluntarily chosen behaviour rather than systemic discrimination against women.

In my opinion the wage gap argument is constructed as an ideological device to criticise men for a situation they are not responsible for. It seems unnecessary given that there are many obvious issues to legitimately criticise men about, such as the prevalence of their violent behaviour towards women.

Political commentator and journalist Annabel Crabb stated in a recent interview by Leigh Sales in the Saturday Paper that:

a 26-year-old average male Australian can expect to earn $2 million over the course of his 40-year career. And if he has children, that goes up to $2.4 million… The truth is that men who have children are thought of as better employees, more reliable, more justifying of promotion, better leadership figures, and deserving of a higher income.

This is complete nonsense. It is a demographic fact that there is a positive correlation between wealth and likelihood of fatherhood in men. Low socio-economic status men are less likely to have children than high status men. This is true in Australia and other western countries like the USA, the UK and Italy.

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Ecclestone and Putin

When Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived at the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix yesterday, he initially wasn’t wearing his lanyard holding his pitpass. A battle of wills occurred. Bernie won and Vlad put on his lanyard. And he came dressed in Bernie’s uniform of crisp white shirt, no tie.

Compare the before and after pictures below.

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