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on asking the bleeding obvious on social media

I don’t know the woman whose tweet is embedded below. I have nothing against her and use her tweet merely to illustrate a point I have long been musing on. It’s nothing personal.

My question is this: why is it that the young so-called digital natives need to ask impossibly stupidly obvious questions on social media when they should already know the answer? I’ve seen so many examples, but this one is possibly the most perplexing.

Surely it is obvious that if you have been overcharged by a retailer then, to get your money back, you return to that retailer to demonstrate your case. Is there any other possible solution? Am I missing something?

The irony here is that I read this article about digital natives (born after 1985) and digital immigrants (those older than that) about the same time I saw the tweet and the juxtaposition amused me.

The author of this tweet is presumably one of the former. It seemingly didn’t occur to her to think for herself or use common sense. In other words act on her own solitary initiative. Of course she consulted the internet.

I’m one of the latter. As an academically trained researcher I refer to external sources (such as the internet) after exhausting my own internal knowledge. I can’t imagine lacking the basic resourcefulness to avoid needing to ask such obvious questions.

Writers Bloc presents Rain Supreme Prince event at Bar Open

This sounds awesome and hilarious. See you there.

‘Rain Supreme’, the launch of Prince fanzine ‘Fulsome Prism #6 / YOU’ and accompanying tribute album, is happening next Thursday at Bar Open. There’s eight artists performing and it’s free!

Featuring The Casuist, The Church Of Hysteria, Colostomy Baguette?, Miles Cosmo & Gemma ‘gemmafemma’ Flack, Plastic KnifeShallowSlow Process, and The Artist Formerly Known As The Thomas Ferguson Band.

Prince has stated in recent years that covering his songs is tantamount to destroying them. Therefore the dress code for the evening will be ‘purple wake’.

Thursday November 20th, doors 8.30pm, Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Free entry all night!

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Tori Amos at the Palais, Saturday 15 November 2014

Tori Amos played a wonderful concert at the Palais in St Kilda on Saturday night. I was thrilled to get my request of Wild Way! I said to Tori at the meet and greet that it moves me to tears it’s so beautiful. Four and a half hours seems like a long time to wait just for an autograph but the opportunity to make a request is worth it, and when you hear your request being played it’s so thrilling.


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