Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

renovations at Don Vincenzo

The notices placed in cafe windows during renovations are often at best hopelessly optimistic, if not deliberately misleading. The last example on Brunswick St was the supposed hibernation of Bear cafe last year, which of course never reopened.

Don Vincenzo on Brunswick St has been closed for weeks now, with this impersonal note in the window from ‘restaurant team’. Odd that it isn’t signed ‘Don Vincenzo team’. In less time Ethos closed and was renovated to become Rice Paper Scissors, which is now open. Whatever is happening in there, I think is it more than ‘light maintenance’. I would not be surprised if it reopens with a new name and identity.


N2 gelato needs to take responsibility for the litter it generates

According to Scally and Trombone (who have moved to Gertrude St and Smith St), this sculpture on display in their empty window was made from the novelty syringes served by their former neighbours, N2 gelato, on some icecreams that were discarded in the gutter by lazy customers. N2 seems to take no responsibility for the waste they generate, for example by putting a bin out the front for the syringes or information inside their shop about not littering.


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