Website development

Depending on the size and needs of your business or organisation, website development can be straightforward or extremely complex, and there are many specialist roles that contribute to the process.

I can assist you with these aspects of the website development process:

Planning and development

  • Determining what functions you want your website to deliver
  • Consultation process – seeking feedback from staff, clients and customers about what they want your website to deliver
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Choosing a content management system (CMS)
  • Strategic planning for online marketing and communications (coordinating website, social media and email communications)
  • Identifying what other tools and platforms are required to complete the project (MailChimp or Campaign Monitor for email newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Information architecture

  • Designing the information architecture (the structure of the content in the site)
  • Designing the taxonomy (the categories that shape the content)
  • Designing the navigation (the menus and links that determine how users find content).

Project management

I have considerable experience project managing website development projects. This vital role functions as a coordinator and facilitator who ensures good communication between all contributors. I speak marketing, management and IT and can translate between suits and geeks.


I am an experienced technical writer who regularly prepares the following documents for website projects:

  • Graphic design brief
  • Functional specification (a technical brief to a website developer)
  • Project brief (for use by a project manager) that defines the roles and responsibilities of the parties contributing to a website development project: marketing team, management team, IT team, project manager, graphic designer, developer
  • Website manual for use by marketing and communications staff who are responsible for publishing content.