WCAG 2.0 Level AA standard

Accessibility is important. Delivering an accessible website requires building it to meet specific standards, then publishing the content to also meet the standards. Platform and content work together to make a site accessible.

Making content accessible for people with visual and mobility disabilities is a professional requirement for government and not-for-profit organisations funded by government in Australia, but all organisations should publish accessible content (it’s a legal requirement to do so).

The standards are defined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and the specific standard required is WCAG 2.0 Level AA.

Most organisations, even government agencies, fail to meet the required standards because the issue is not seen as a priority or taken seriously.

This is a problem because improving the accessibility of your content can make it better for all users, not just for those who really need it.

I am experienced in implementing the Victorian Government and the Federal Government accessible and inclusive content standards.

Translating the standards into simple publishing processes makes it easier to create accessible content. I can help you define simple processes for your content creators to follow so that your content meets the needs of every audience.

I also have broad knowledge of the web development requirements for accessibility, such as ensuring that a site outputs image alt tags.

Accessibility has become an important search engine optimisation (SEO) factor. Text, images, audio and video content all need attention. Even the colours chosen for text, buttons, icons and backgrounds need to be carefully chosen.