Governance, documentation and training

What is often missing in organisations, small or large, is a professional approach to website governance, record-keeping, and digital asset management. In other words, governance, or policies and procedures about your website.

I can train your staff to better manage their digital assets and prevent problems from recurring.

Do you have a management plan for your website?

Who administers the site, conducts regular maintenance and ensures it is backed up?

Who is responsible for ensuring the domain name remains registered, is renewed, and that the registrant contact details are correct and up to date?

Who is responsible for liaising with external vendors, developers and other suppliers?

Do you have a governance plan relating to who owns the content? Who has the authority to write, edit and update your content? How often do you review your content?

I can review your website publishing circumstances, then develop and deliver customised training to content publishing staff in the areas of content management, use of content management systems, search engine optimisation, accessibility and analysing Google Analytics.

I also document web publishing processes and write website manuals.