Rescuing broken, hacked or neglected sites


Poor record and digital asset management can lead to you being locked out of your website.

Good governance is essential to maintaining access and control of your digital assets, yet it is routinely neglected and mismanaged.

Common problems

Your content manager or website administrator left your organisation without leaving adequate documentation.

Your website has been hacked and is filled with ads for drugs and sneakers.

You forgot to renew your domain name registration and your website has disappeared.

You realise, too late, that the domain name registration account login is not documented, or is associated with a dead email account, so you can’t log in to renew it, and even worse you can’t even prove that you own it.

Your website has crashed or you can’t upload any new images.

You have misplaced the login to your web hosting account so you cannot check how much of your server space allocation you are using, so you cannot work out that the reason you can’t upload any new images is because your server is full.


I have seen all of these issues and more.

One of the tasks I am regularly employed to do is to rescue neglected or broken websites.

I can help you recover by analysing what the problem is, then guiding you through the steps required to fix it.

Finally, the access records will be collated into governance documentation to be retained so the problem does not reoccur.