I do digital communications in Melbourne

I am an expert in digital communications, content and website management, WCAG accessibility and search engine optimisation (SEO) in Melbourne Australia.

What is digital communications?

Digital communications is about creating, publishing and managing online content so that your organisation or brand identity is presented professionally and consistently wherever your customers, clients, stakeholders or audiences find you.

My background and methodology

I’m a digital communications expert with more than 20 years experience writing for, editing, publishing, designing and developing websites. I also have experience managing social media accounts and online communities.

Writing and designing for diverse audiences requires accepting simplicity and prioritising user experience. Search engine optimisation (SEO), mobile friendly / first design, inclusivity and WCAG accessibility are central to what I do.

My skills and experience

One of the tasks I am regularly employed to do is to rescue neglected or broken websites. Has your content manager or website administrator left your organisation without leaving adequate documentation? Has your WordPress site been ‘hacked’ (most often due to poor password security)?

Most of my work is in the government, education and health sectors; however my skills and experience make me flexible and able to quickly adapt to new industries and environments.

I am expert in popular open source content management systems WordPress, Drupal and Joomla and experienced in many others, so whatever you use I will be able to help.

I can solve your website problems

What is often missing in organisations small or large is a professional approach to website governance and record-keeping, from passwords to website user manuals. I can train your staff to better manage their digital assets and prevent problems from recurring.

Many organisations don’t know how to best spend a limited budget on digital content management. Compensating for a poorly built website with online advertising can be expensive and may fail to achieve results. The correct solution is to implement technical SEO best practice to ensure Google wants to index your site organically.

My services

Content management

Google Analytics and data analysis

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Social media and email newsletters

Accessibility and other services

Website development