I do digital communications

My expertise is in managing digital content across multiple platforms so that your brand is presented professionally and consistently wherever your stakeholders find you.

I’m a digital communications expert with 20 years experience writing for, editing, publishing, designing and developing websites and other digital platforms. I also have over 10 years experience managing social media profiles and online communities.

Writing and designing for accessibility and responsiveness requires accepting simplicity and prioritising user experience. Search engine optimisation (SEO), mobile friendly / first design, WCAG accessibility and optimal user experience are central to what I do.

One of the tasks I am regularly employed to do is to rescue neglected or broken websites. Has your content manager or website administrator left your organisation without leaving adequate documentation? I can help you recover by reverse engineering your content management system and other platforms so you can regain control and continue to publish your content.

My services include

Contact me by email at brian@indolentdandy.net or read my CV on Linkedin.