Google Analytics

Measuring website traffic

How do you measure how effective your online marketing and communications activities are? What metrics are important? If you’re lost in data and unsure what it all means, I can determine what your crucial metrics are and help you to understand what the numbers in your spreadsheets mean.

Installing Google Analytics in your website allows you to measure website traffic and tells you many things about their behaviour, from what time of day they visit to what devices they use.

You can use Google Analytics to measure your website’s audience and how they engage with your content. It’s free and comprehensive.

It’s also important to measure reading and likes on social media platforms, and to record reads and responses to email newsletters.

Data gathering and reporting

Recording and collecting the data is only the first step. The value delivered by analytics becomes evident when you gather data from all these platforms and combine it to analyse it and report on it.

How do you decide what is meaningful and useful for reporting purposes? What is the purpose of the information? Is it to simply monitor and report, or is it to be used to drive decision making and initiate strategy changes?

Report design and development

I can help you decide what data is meaningful and useful in reporting and decision making, and I can build insightful and beautiful reports in Google Data Studio that present data as graphs and diagrams to help you make informed choices and develop effective communications strategies.

Analytics expertise

I have a current Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) certificate from the Google Analytics Academy and many years of experience managing Analytics accounts for multiple clients.