Content management


Do you have a website that has become disorganised and confusing to navigate? Do you need to update existing content, or add new content sections to your site?

Perhaps you need help understanding how to structure content in sections in your site. This is known as information architecture. This structure has a significant impact on the user experience and search engine optimisation.

Professional writing, editing and content management skills are required to maintain the expert voice of your organisation as it is expressed through your website.

I am an experienced writer and editor and have completed projects from corporate annual reports to academic monographs and journals. I can apply these skills to your digital as well as your print publications.

These are the services I can provide:

Writing and editing

  • Writing new content for your existing site
  • Editing and updating existing content
  • Writer / journalist / academic author
  • Copy and structural editing.

Media content

  • Adding images to your site to improve its appeal
  • Preparing documents designed to be downloaded
  • Publishing videos in YouTube and embedding them in your website
  • Publishing audio files like podcasts online and promoting them.


  • Adding social media links and logos
  • Adding subscription forms for your email newsletter.

Information architecture

  • Creating new menus and navigate to make it easier to find content
  • Auditing and reorganising the structure of your website to improve its effectiveness.

Publication management

  • Content management for intranet, websites, blogs and social media platforms
  • Managing publishing and production projects
  • Administering contracts, copyright and permissions.